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Weslley Araujo


My name is Weslley, and I am a self-taught software engineer mainly focused on Frontend.

I have 10+ years of experience designing, planning, and building software at scale for both the web and mobile.

I work at Shopify as a Senior Frontend Engineer, my team is responsible for taking care of the products section for merchants on the platform.

Before that, I’ve spent 5 years at (the largest travel website in the world!!). During that time I’ve undergone several domains of the company, such as working directly with customers building internal facing platforms, implementing features on the main web funnel, and eventually releasing a standalone app on the web, iOS, and Android.

I’ve also worked at REKKI, fully immersed in React Native building a mobile app to connect restaurants to food suppliers. Prior to that, I've worked with one of the largest sports goods e-commerce in south America and one of the biggest television and media company in Brazil where I started my career right after high school at age of 17.

If you want to reach out find me on Twitter or Linkedin